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arie meir

Hi to all researchers
My grandfather Chaim Glaser lived in Przemysl before the second world war.
He had a daughter called Debora (Dora or Dova). The last time we heard from
them was in 1939
Chaim Glaser who was a shoemaker was married to my grandmother Helena-Chaya
in Vienna.
In the early twenties he got divorced, left Vienna and moved to Przemysl,
where he got married again and had this one daughter. In 1939 he was about 43
years old and she was twelve years old. After her mother Rachla passed away
she was sent to an orphanage named Ochronka.
In case you have any information what happened to them or if one of you was
in this orphanage I would be very grateful to hear >from you.
My e-mail is meir1935@...

Arieh Mayer
Haifa Israel

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