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I obtained this superb book -- Gazetteer of the Former Galicia and Bukowina
by Felix Gundacker Vienna 1998 -- through Interlibrary Loan.

In the book's preface, the author writes:

[MODERATOR NOTE: extensive quotes have been deleted in accordance with JGen

"... about 4000 places of varying sizes were not included in the
official register at all! Therefore the present gazetteer was designed to
remedy this situation that now makes it possible for localities in both
Galicia and Bukowina to be efficiently found. I have collated all the
various parishes, as well as their Jewish equivalents, adding also about
1000 alternative spellings as well as indicating the present political
entity they now belong to.
"... Of the total 16.378 localities listed, 15,400 pertain to Galicia and 926 to
Bukowina; this now consists of an additional 3,647 places found on the map
of Galicia, previously missing in the official gazetteer, and another 252
places discovered on the map of Bukowina. I have also added 952 alternative
spellings to the Galician roster and 74 to the one of Bukowina...
"Furthermore I have added 6,800 localities in Galicia pertaining to Jewish
religious districts. Those localities listed, but not to be found on the
maps, are marked in the very last column with '#'."

Stephen Denker

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