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Shelley K. Pollero <rkpollero@...>

Dear Galicia researchers,

I recently saw a post about The Polish Jews Forum and thought it might be of
interest to you.

Here is a message >from the editors of The Polish Jews Forum:

Welcome to our Forum - the new e-zine of Polish Jews.

One day, a small group of people decided to create this website. It is
directed, most of all, at Polish Jews and Poles who are interested in
things Jewish.

Our main objective is to inform everyone about life, culture, religion,
tradition and history of the Jewish Community in Poland.

While it is both true and lamentable that the majority of Polish Jews
is now in Gan Eden, Jewish life in Poland still continues. Jews have
been present here almost since the very beginning of Poland and left
undeniable traces in Polish historical and cultural landscape.

And we still are here.

We do hope that this website will contribute to the reappearance of
Jews in Polish cultural life. That it will enable some people to
understand us better, and perhaps will offer a chance for some to
discover their Jewish roots they should be proud of.

We would be also most happy to establish some connections between the
Polish Jews and those living elsewhere. Jews are extraordinary people -
one nation dispersed all around the globe. Certainly we can learn a lot
from each other. So if you can share your knowledge, experience,
memories with us, please do not hesitate and write to us!



Shelley K. Pollero, Coordinator
Gesher Galicia
Severna Park, Maryland

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