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Suzan & Ron Wynne <srwynne@...>

For anyone interested in Korolowka in Ukraine, there is a fascinating
article about 38 people who lived in caves during WWII. The article is in
Adventure magazine, a publication of the National Geographic (June/July).
The focus is on the Stermers and the Wexlers but others mentioned were from
the Blitzer, Katz and Dodyk families. To fit in with the magazine, there is
a lot of information about the caves themselves, but the dramatic story of
those who lived through those awful days comes through very clearly. The
author interviewed some of the survivors, who described the help they
received >from a couple of Ukrainians and the ordeals of being discovered on
several occasions. Some of the 38 individuals lost their lives during these
attacks by Nazis. Of the 14,000 Jews who lived in the region, not quite 300
survived. Some of the cave survivors were actually killed after the war by
local Ukrainians.

Suzan Wynne

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