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The US Holocaust Museum has a reference to two brothers Josef and Marian
Pikolc (b. 1930 and 1929) living as refugees in Bytom Poland in 1946. Their
parents are listed as Mendel and Anna or Podwoloczysk. The Jewish community
of Bytom (yes, there is one today) has no record of them and we have no idea how
long they were there or what became of them.

Mendel is an uncommon Pikholz name, but I have a suspicion that this Mendel is
the son of Moses Liebergal and Sure Pikholz of Skalat. (I know that at least one of
the six children of this couple was in fact born in Podwoloczysk.)

That leads to the possibiity that the brothers later went by Liebergal or some
derivative thereof. I have begun checking the usual sources - JGFF, US phone
books, Israeli sources and of course Bytom, but thusfar have not found anything.

If anyone has anything on someone who might be one of these two brothers, I'd
be pleased to hear.

Israel Pickholtz

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