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Alison Blackman Dunham for The Advice Sisters <advicesisters@...>

I am new to this group and just gettting starting in researching some
branches of my family tree. I'm seeking information about the
location, family, or whereabouts of my maternal grandfather FRANK
(FROIM) BADER (later known in New York City as the "Persian Lamb King
of New York" ) whose passenger record says he was >from Austria with
the following information:
Hebrew Jezierzany December 22, 1903 age 18 on the Rotterdam (ship)
Rotterdam, South Holland, The Netherlands. I have no idea how he would
have gotten to the Netherlands. Frank was a furrier and by the 20's he
had his own, successful furrier business which eventually was called
(Bader & Sons, I think) in New York. He first lived in the Bronx, then
moved to Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, with my Grandmother TILLIE (TABUE)

I am also seeking information about my maternal grandmother, TILLIE
(TAUBE) STEMPLER BADER Austria, Polish whose passenger record says she
was Zloczow and left for New York in 1905 at age 16 on November 28,
1905 on the AMERIKA (ship) to New York >from Hamburg, Germany. My
mother told me that it was the maiden voyage of the Amerika. Tillie
first lived on the Lower East Side. Her first job was clipping threads.
She eventually moved to the Bronx I would assume after she married my
grandfather FRANK BADER (see his info, above). They eventually bought
a house in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn (I think in the early 1920's), where
she lived the rest of her life. She came to New York alone (at 16!) but
I believe she had the equivalent of a High School education. Tillie had
a sister or two (probably older) in New York who "sponsored" her. I
think. Another noteable piece of information was that Tillie's mother
was a shopkeeper and her father left the family so her mother was the
head of the family and supported them. The Stemplers were Cohains
(something my grandmother used to mention with pride, although I am not
quite sure if this has any real significance).

Tiillie and Frank had three children in this order: Leonard Bader,
Jerome Bader, Sylvia Bader Blackman (my mother). All are deceased, now.

If you have any information about any of these families or people,
please let me know. I would be most grateful.
Alison Blackman Dunham (aka. "Advice Sister Alison")
New York

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