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The Gesher Galicia Steering Committee announces that a $2000 grant has been
awarded to the Stanislawow 1939 Census Database Project to cover initial
costs. The estimated cost for completion is $8500. The project is listed on
the Galicia and Research Division JewishGen-erosity web pages and interested
researchers are encouraged to make tax-deductible (USA) contributions. For
more information and/or to contribute to this project, go to Click on
Stanislawow 1939 Census Database for a full description of the project.

Before Word War II, approximately half of Stanislawow's population was
Jewish. In 1931, the Jewish population was close to 25,000 and by 1939 it
was about 30,000. After the completion of the census and the start of World
War II, a large influx of refugees >from the West occurred. In addition, the
Nazis herded the Jewish residents of surrounding towns into Stanislawow and
murdered them as well as most of those Jewish residents of Stanislawow who
did not flee to the East. Only about 1,000 - 1,500 of Stanislawow's pre
Word War II Jewish residents survived the war, and most of them escaped
prior to the Nazi occupation. Therefore, the 1939 census represents the
most accurate accounting of Stanislawow's pre-war Jewish population.

Under this project, JewishGen will create a searchable database of all
Jewish records in the Stanislawow census >from the 15 rolls of microfilm
housed at the USHMM. This database will contain information on each
household as well as detailed data on each individual in each household.
Jewish records comprise about half (37,000) of the estimated 60,000 -75,000
records of the 14,000-page census.

Shelley K. Pollero, Coordinator
Gesher Galicia
Severna Park, Maryland

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