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I am researching my grandmother Tillie (Taube) Stempler and was told
that she had a sister, Gussie STEMPLER, who preceded her to New York
which meant she arrived prior to 1905. I found a record through the
Ellis Island Web Site for a Gemina STEMPLER who came >from Cortkow on
the Phonicia >from Hamburg on November 10, 1901 . She was 17.

I think this MIGHT be my grandmother's sister, but I can't tell if
Gemina would be "Gussie" in English. is it?

Additionally, I do not know where Cortkow is or if this is spelled correctly. My
grandmother's geographic location was listed on her record as ZLOCZOW.
Does anyone > know if these two towns are the same, close together or related in any way?

alison Alison Blackman Dunham (aka. "Advice Sister Alison")

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