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Mark Halpern


There are currently no formal indexing projects being conducted
by JRI-Poland or any other organization in any Archives in
Ukraine that houses records for the former Austrian province of
Galicia. The only indexing project for this area (eastern
Galicia) is for the Jewish vital records housed at the AGAD
Archives in Warsaw.

To access records at the State Archive of Tarnopol Oblast, the
State Archive in Lviv, or other Archives in Ukraine, you can
contact the Archive directly, hire a professional researcher, or
visit yourself.

Indexing of valuable collections of Jewish vital records would
surely find a home. Each organization -- e.g. JRI-Poland,
JewishGen, Gesher Galicia -- has guidelines for
acceptance/inclusion of indexing projects. You should contact
these organizations privately to determine if such a project is
viable. Gesher Galicia has a Research Grant Program and recently
awarded a grant to the Stanislawow 1939 Census Database Project.

Mark Halpern
AGAD Archive Coordinator

----- Original Message -----
Hello All,

Today I looked at Miriam Weiner's website ( )
and searchedfor records for the town of Zaleshchiki, (Galicia,
then Poland,
now Ukraine, 48°38´ 25°44).

The website describes the records as follows:

-1924-1937 Kehal/Jewish Com

-1927-1928 School Records

-1871-1879; 1882-1902; 1939 Notary Records
-1937 Local Government

and indicates that they are all located at the "State Archive
of Ternopol

Does anyone know how I might access these records?

Would indexing of these records qualify for inclusion in any
projects, formal or informal?

All the best,
Moshe Steinberg,(Uchanie Town Leader, Zamosc Archives Project &
Shtetl CO-OP Coordinator)
Vancouver, Canada

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