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Hello Cousins,

I would like to thank all of the kind people who responded to my posting. All of the
responses were very helpful.

In answer to my question "Is anyone aware of any resources...for comparing photographs to
determine the identity of a person regardless of the age at which the photographs were
taken?", I paraphrase their suggestions as follows:

-Contact forensic experts who use computers to digitally age people to show what they
would look like as they age, (especially in kidnapping or missing persons cases).

-These "forensic experts" can usually be found through a local University or College,
local police department, RCMP, FBI, or other group involved in forensics.

-The software used is known as "age progression software".

- The science is known as "forensic photography".

-Photocopy one photograph and fold it in half on the centre of the person's face. Then
cover that same half on the other photograph with the
folded photocopy and see if the facial features "line up".

All the best,
Moshe Steinberg,
Uchanie Town Leader, Zamosc Archives Project
Vancouver, Canada

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