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Shana Green <charna18@...>

Dear All,

This is a revision of my message sent 8 Aug 04. I need help with what is in some
of the columns.

Subject: Lwow Ghetto list Begleitschnein.Verzeichnis der behobenen
Passierscheine Auto werkstatte.

I received a list of names >from the jgffalert. I need some help please
from the Galician members. I have several questions about information listed
(or not listed) in the columns of the Lwow Ghetto list and would appreciate

ID FrameLine And ID Number. What does that mean?

Name and Nationality, no nationality is listed. Why not?

Birth Place. Some have a date and some have a town.

Address Residence. Here is what I do not understand as I read.
e.g. In Kaserne 1, many different people were living there. There is a
SCHUSTER and a SCHNEIDER living in Kaserne 1. Is this address in the
Ghetto or their home address?

Profession /Workplace. Is this what they did in the ghetto? What do the
column headings mean?
A list of names in Polish with columns ZMarl. Pogrzebano.
A list of names in German with columns. The heading was Verzeichnis.
VoruZuname Anschrift Bemrkung.

Can some one please clarify these for me? Please respond privately.

With gratitude,

Shana Green [Schuster]
Melbourne Australia
Reply to: charna18@...

Looking for family: SCHUSTER, DRUKER, GOLDBERG, MULLER all >from Cieszanow,
Lviv and Dzikow Stary

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