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Marjorie Rosenfeld <marjorierosenfeld@...>

Thanks to JewishGen and whoever did the work of adding a marvelous bit
of functionality to the site, JewishGen now has a button over on the right-hand
side of the main page and near the top that allows a global search of
everything at JewishGen. It seems that many people writing to the
discussion group with questions may not be aware of this.

I recently plugged a surname I'm researching into the search window that
comes up when you click on this search button; and I got a whole list of
hits, with all sorts of information I had never seen before.

Folks, this search button is a logical starting place for beginners and
a wonderful resource even for people who have been doing research for a
long time

Try it. You'll like it!

Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld
Carlsbad, CA

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