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Our Kolomea (Kolomyya) web site, click on
Background Information and scroll to report on cemeteries, presents
reports of U.S. surveys made of Jewish cemeteries in Kolomyya. There
were three cemeteries all destroyed during and following the years of
the Holocaust. The land was put to other uses without a single
headstone or sign remaining to indicate there were scared grounds.

If anyone has information on where Jews of Kolomyya have been buried
from around 1939 to present I would like to hear >from you directly.
If you have any bits or pieces of information on the following types
of data for all known cemeteries, please pass it on to me.

1. Where Kolomyya Jews were buried after 1939 - name of cemetery and
as precise a location as possible.
2. Type of cemetery; e.g. Jewish, Non-Sectarian with or without
designated section for Jewish burials, or basically a specific
religious cemetery with space allocated for Jewish burials.
3. Years in which Jews were buried there.

I am also seeking information on Jewish law or tradition with regard
to restoration or other actions that would be required for Jewish
cemeteries that have been completely destroyed except for the persons
and caskets buried which remained basically undisturbed. As of now I
have no records or information on records of the persons buried in the
old destroyed cemeteries or any kind of plot plans.

Alan Weiser, Coordinator
Kolomea Research Group & Web Site
Silver Spring

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