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Eden Joachim <esjoachim@...>

Thank you Mark Halpern, for your update on the JRI-Poland / Gesher Galicia 2
For 1 Matching Initiative. And sincere thanks to all of you out there who
made contributions to the Lezajsk (Rzeszow), Brzozow and Sanok (Sanok)
indexing projects.

Mark's message included this statement: "the Rzeszow project
for Lezajsk; and Sanok projects for Brzozow and Sanok have
already been fully funded through this joint initiative".

This statement means that the databases for the mentioned towns are
guaranteed to be added to the on-line JRI-Poland database at the appropriate
time. Researchers with an interest in these towns may still make the
qualifying contributions in order to obtain the Excel files for their towns.
For additional information, if necessary, please contact Evan Stolbach,
EStolb7395@... for Lezajsk or me for Brzozow and Sanok.

Eden Joachim
Pomona, New York
Rzeszow / Sanok PSA Coordinator

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