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Penny k

I am revisiting my search for BIERFASS relatives. My grandmother, Tillie
BIERFASS , >from Siedliska, Austria (now Poland) arrived in NY via Ellis
Island at age 17 in 1910. She was one of the oldest children in a very large
family and I know of only a handful of her siblings who lived in the US, all
of whom I have been able to track through the Ellis Island Website. Through
the Jewish Gen postings, last year I located BIERFASS (spelled BIRFAS)
relatives (originally >from Prezmyl) in Israel and met some of them last
summer. I also was in contact with Alberto BIERFASS in Argentina. However,
Alberto BIERFASS's e-mail address is no longer active. If you have any
information which may assist me in my search, please contact me.

Penny Kornstein
Westchester, NY
Searching for: BIERFASS (Austria/Poland); Lieberman (Chmielnik); Ryman
(Chmielnik); Kleinhandler (Chmielnik); Gach (Minsk)

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