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I have just finished reading a book on the Holocaust in Kolomyya
written by a Kolomyya Holocaust survivor. Here is my book review.

A Book Review of
by Ariah Suchman

If there is any Jew over the age of consent that has not visited
a Holocaust memorial museum, looked upon a Holocaust memorial, seen
some movies or television shows depicting the horrors delivered upon
the Jews during World War II, or at least read some accounts of life
and death in wartime ghettos, concentration camps or death camps, that
person has led a very sheltered life. I believe that at some point in
time most adult Jews have learned something about the Holocaust
through visual or written media. What those of you who have an
interest in Kolomyya and with relatives who had lived and perished
there or perhaps survived the actions to extinguish the Jewish
population during the Holocaust may not have had is the opportunity to
learn first hand how things were in Kolomyya during the period of
September 1941 and March 1945. The time of Nazi occupation of Kolomea
and its environs.

Ariah Suchman’s book, KOLOMYYA FOREVER, provides the opportunity
to learn about the times in Kolomyya during the Holocaust. Mr.
Suchman is a Holocaust survivor. These lessons are vibrantly given
from testimony of survivors interviewed by Mr. Suchman and accompanied
by many photographs of survivors, those who perished, homes and scenes
in and around Kolomyya, and those who were the executioners, later
labeled war criminals. Many of the war criminals were brought to
trial, sentenced, and executed after the war. The book describes one
instance where such a criminal escaped detection after the war, lived
another life completely in the open, and when finally identified as a
missing war criminal was too old to be prosecuted. Photographs and
stories are included about a Gentile brother and sister who harbored
16 Jews in a bunker on their property during the Nazi occupation at
great risk to their own lives. These two were later designated
Righteous Gentiles by Yad Vashem.

The book consists of 226 pages of text, photographs, and
sketches. Prior to writing the book, Mr. Suchman produced some
videos, “Jews of Kolomyya”, including the interviews with the
Kolomyya Holocaust survivors as well as scenes in Kolomyya. In
addition to Kolomyya survivor testimonies, the book includes a brief
history of Kolomyya during the Russian occupation 1939-1941, a
discussion of the Hassidic movement which originated in Kolomyya, and
how some Kolomyya Jews survived by taking on Gentile identities and
living and working among the Germans. Pictures and discussions of the
three ghettos that were setup in Kolomyya including a picture when the
Nazis set fires to destroy the ghettos. The book includes many
narrations by the author including some interesting stories. One in
particular exemplifies a twist of fate. When the Russian Communists
occupied Kolomyya, they set out to destroy capitalism. Many of the
richest Jews were deprived of their properties and were sent off to
Siberia. This action as terrible as it may have been, actually served
to save the lives of those deported persons >from later Nazi

KOLOMYYA FOREVER, is published in both a Hebrew version and an
English version. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the
book and the videos contact the author directly at:
Mr. Ariah Suchman
P.O. Box 148
Ramat Gan 52101 Israel

Alan Weiser,
Coordinator Kolomea Research Group, Oct 31 2004

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