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Alexander Sharon

Dear Galitzyaners,

Following recent discussion on this subject, I have extracted >from Poland
1929 Business Directory list of the Jewish landowners in Krakow and Lwow
wojewodstwa (Province) within the interwar administration borders.

Please note that some villages in the Directory do not show landowners at
all. Jewishness of the landowners have been easily identified by their first
names. In instances where only initials have been given, I have confirmed
their Jewish origin by using JRI-P AGAD Project database.

Krakow Wojewodstwo have surprisingly small number of Jewish landowners. Only
Lwow Wojewodstwo on the other hand had 184 landowners.

Tarnopol and Stanislawow regions are not included in this survey.

Findings have been summarized in the attached two Excel format spreadsheets
(file sizes are 24 and 38 kB, respectively), but I am not certain that those
attachments will be allowed to be posted by the Moderator.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab


As I have expected, attachments are not allowed.

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