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Dear Gesher Galicia friends,
Moshe Menachem Ekstein, who lives in Jerusalem, asked me about the brothers:
Menachem Nachum and Nathan Scwarz, sons of Joseph Mordechai. He thinks that
their former name was Meislish. They came >from Elazae Leib, who wrote "
Semen Rokeach". Mr. Ekstein thinks that this family came >from Lask. He asked
the descedents of David Dov Meislish, who was the Chasidic Rav of
Uihel-Hungary and came to >from Lask, but they did not know.

The family of Mr. Ekstein is also relatad to Raphael ben Chaim Meislish who
wrote Tosfot Shabat.

We will apreciate any help.

Many thanks and Chodesh Tov,
Pnina Meislish, Jerusalem.

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