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Janice Rosen writes:

<<I do have one question though about the one that was published in the
1890's, I don't have the exact year off the top of my head.>>

It's the 1891 Galician Business Directory. The URL is:

<<How complete it is?>>

This database contains over 20,000 names >from over 1,000 different towns
throughout Galicia, so it is quite extensive, but not every business owner
was listed. Consider, however this possibility in answer to your question:

<<How does one find a business that was not listed, but you know >from family
lore that the business DID exist? My great grandfather Joseph Rosenblatt
owned a tavern in or near Rozwadow, Galicia during the 1880's and 1890's.
That's how he earned his living. However it is not
listed in the Galician Business Directory >from the 1890's.>>

Searching this directory, for the town of Rozwadow (and four neighboring
towns) there are the following listings for the Polish landowner:

LUBOMIRSKI, H. Furst Von (Bierbrauereien) Breweries

LUBOMIRSKI Hier. Furst - (Gutsbesitzer) Landowners (with Mansion/farm)

LUBOMIRSKI Hieronym (Von) Furst - (Spiritus-fabriken), Alcohol/whiskey

It is possible that your great grandfather was employed by Hieronymus
(Furst) Lubomirski (the Polish magnate/noble who "owned" this town) to run
his alcohol business or tavern(s). These business might have proved
lucrative for both your great-grandfather and Lubomirski, but the actual
"owner" would have had only his name listed in the directory. This would
also have been true for Jews who ran the landowners' mills, farms, lumber
mills, ranches (for fur), and others magnate-owned businesses. Delving
further into these landowners' archives and records, might prove to be a
fruitful resource for you--though locating and researching these records is
not easy.

When looking into family lore concerning businesses "owned" by our ancestors
in these directories, make sure to check out the listings for the entire
town to see the types of businesses listed instead of just the surnames you
are looking for, and then go >from there.

You might also want to check out Gayle Schlissel Riley's webpage on Polish
Magnate Landowners hosted at:

She refers to one book which deals, specifically with the Lubomirski Family:

"The Jews in a Polish Private Town," by Gershon Hundert a professor at Mc
Gill University.

She also explains that once you know the name of the magnate who owned the
town where your ancestors dwelled, you can go to the Avotaynu website to
discover where these archival records might be held:

Title: "Central and Eastern European Magnates and Their Archives" compiled
by Edward David Luft.

Gail also explains that the types of documents one would find among the
magnates records might include:

1. Business records of the estates
2. Tax lists i.e. honey tax and tax on sellers of liquor
3. Inventories of people and animals
4. Guild records
5. Court documents
6. Land deeds, plat maps, maps of the magnates' holdings
7. Proclamations
8. Some contain the 1764/5 census

Gayle has previously deliverd a talk on this fascinating topic to previous
IAJGS conferences and will be giving it again in Las Vegas this July.

Hope this proves helpful.

Pamela Weisberger
Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia
Santa Monica, CA

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