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Alexander Sharon

Sylvia Nusinov wrote

After reading Pamela's messages re researching the Directories - I checked
again for my Grandmother's father's lumber mill. Growing up, I had heard
many anecdotes about her visits to the lumber yard.

The surnames I checked were AWNER [my Grandmother's maiden surname] and
WECHSLER [her Grandfather's surname].
I checked both DM and exact spelling.
The documents which I have in my possession list Lemberg/L'vov as my
Grandparent's home.
The Town listings in the 1891 Galician Business Directory for WECHSLER
[Sawmill] are Smorye and Skole.
I didn't find a reference to either town in Shtetl Finder - I then GOOGLED
found information on Skole [a district town in L'vov] but not Smorye.
Does anyone have a suggestion as to where I go >from here????

Is researching magnate landowners the next step?

Before you are moving to the magnates, search for your family origins.

Jewish Record Indexing -Poland Project database has added thousands of names
which are searchable through JewishGen "All Poland" database. There are
listings for Awners (count: 45 in Lwow and Stanislawow provinces) and
Wechslers (count: 212 in Lwow and Stanislawow provinces). I have selected
Lwow and Stanisalwow since your family records are related to Lwow and Skole
was located in Stanislawow.

Skole is listed in ShtetlSeeker, please select Ukraine while searching.
"Smorye" should read Smorze.

I assume that Phyllis Kramer who has single handed 1891 Galicia Directory,
was probably using simultaneously English and Polish keyboards. In Polish
keyboard setting letters 'y' and 'z' are reversed when compared to English
keyboard setting.

Shtetl Smorze was located within Skole district. Wechslers records are
listed in Skole (All Poland database for Stanislawow).

Best Regards,

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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