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Mark Halpern


There are actually Jewish vital records for both Brody and Pod Kamien
that have survived. However, none of these records have been indexed by
JRI-Poland. Many 1815 through 1871 records for Brody have survived and
are part of the collection at the Ukraine State Archives in Lviv. These
records have not been indexed. For Podkamien, certain records for 1900
through 1942 survived and are held at the civil records office (USC) in
Warsaw. These records at the USC are protected by Polish privacy laws
and regulation governing USC offices and are not available for indexing.

I have personally received records >from the Lviv Archives, by hiring a
private researcher, but have no experience with the Warsaw USC. Maybe
other Galitzianers can share their experiences with you.

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland AGAD Archive Coordinator

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Dear Genners:
My mother's father was Eisig LANDES. He got married in Brody (all
lost) with Leja BASS, my grandmother.
I know for sure that he was a grain dealer around 1905 to 1920. In
years he was living in Podkamien (again all records lost) where my
and the rest of her siblings were
born. My mother used to tell me that my grandfather had a house and
piece of land and there were people working for him.
When the borders moved and Podkamien was lost to Russia, my
grandfather lost
"his" land.

My questions:
1) He is not listed in any Galicia 1923 Business Directory.
2) I have found Alter LANDES in Tarnopol in 1891 Business Directory as
"grain & produce dealer". Could he be my ggrandfather ?????

On the other hand, I know that my ggrandfather emigrated to Canada in
1900 with his 5 year old daughter and his wife. (I assume my
ggrandmother had died and he remarried)
the girl was called called Szloma and my ggrandfather Yehezkel Zvi
LANDES (Charles Harry LANDES).
I have received >from my recently found family in Canada, letters
photos of my mother, uncles and aunts they had kept for so many years.
3) Are the names Alter and Yehezkel Zvi connected?
4) I have also found in the 1891 Business Directory: Israel BASS and
grain dealers in Mielec and Rymanow. Where are these two
I cannot find them near Podkamien or Tarnopol.

Thank you so much for your help,

Lilian Schorr Landes
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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