Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Chernigov Distribution list Launching Today!!! #galicia

Terri <terrib@...>

Today, 3/23/05, I'm happy to announce that we are launching the Chernigov
Distribution list, UKR-CHERNIGOV-L@....

Chernigov is approximately 140 kilometers NNE of Kiev. For those of you who
are not sure where Chernigov is, please refer to the following map:

To subscribe to the Chernigov distribution list, in mail mode, please send
an email to: UKR-CHERNIGOV-L-request@.... In the subject line,
please write subscribe.

If you prefer digest mode, please send the command instead to:

Beginning 3/24, the Chernigov distribution list will be posted on:

For questions pertaining to the Chernigov distribution list, please post
your question on the new Chernigov distribution list at:


Thank you,

Tom Erribe

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