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Errol Schneegurt

I was able to get and have translated two marriage records for my great
grandfathers two marriages.
The last of the column information called Attentions attests to the validity
of the documents supporting the marriage. Some interesting questions arise
from the information written.
My great grandfather had a job as a post man in Lviv and it seems that he had
to have permission >from the Post Office board (date and number). Was
permission needed for all jobs connected with the government and why?

The second notice was that permission for the marriage was issued by the King
& Caesar's court (date and number). Is this similar to our need for a civil

On both records there is an indication that the need for 3 announcements were
made (dates). Was this a civil requirement and how did they make the
announcements? I seem to recall multiple announcements but only in religious costumes.

The rest of the data referred to the birth certificate for the fiance and
fiance and the death certificate for his first wife.

I wonder if any of these records have survived the hands of time.( post
office board, King & Caesar's court and Lwow Magistrate)
Errol Schneegurt LI NY

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