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Errol Schneegurt

I would like to thank all those that responded to my question related to the
notes that were written on two marriage documents I had translated.
One question still remains,

My great grandfather had a job as a post man in Lviv and it seems that he
had to have permission >from the Post Office board (date and number). Was
permission needed for all jobs connected with the government and why?<

The responses indicated that the notifications that were referred to in the
documents were called Bann's. This was a requirement that 3 notices of the
marriage was to be posted on Church doors and in the case of Jews in the
Shuls. This was done so anyone who had objections to the marriage could come

Here is a response to one of the other questions in it's entirety,

Hi Errol -

Where you write "King and Caesar's Court" it would be more accurate to
translate the phrase "King and Kaiser's Court". After the Austro-Prussian War of
1866, the ruler was both the King ("konig") of Hungary and Emperor ("kaiser") of
Austria. As one Hungarian history website puts it,

"The Austro-Prussian war of 1866 demonstrated just how divided and weak the
Austrian (sic) Empire was, and defeat provoked still one more effort at reform.
After difficult negotiations, Emperor Franz Joseph reached a
compromise...with Hungarian leaders. The new constitution created the Dual Monarchy, in which
Franz Joseph was both king of Hungary and emperor of Austria. Foreign affairs,
finance, and military matters were conducted by common ministers, but
otherwise the two parts of the monarchy was autonomous, each with its own
constitution, official language, and parliament."

The German word "Kaiser" is a cognate of the Latin word "Caesar," meaning
"Emperor". An emperor ruled not just a single kingdom but many - an "empire".

Feel free to post it if you think it will be of interest to anyone.


Steve Gold
Detroit area
Researching ADLER, FELD, and OFFENBERG >from Krakowiec/Krakovets/Krakovitz,
and maybe LUBIN >from Mogilev/Mahilyew, and COHEN, GOLD, and KURTZMAN >from

Errol Schneegurt LI NY

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