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I was hoping someone out there would have any information on Feuer from
Radomysl, Galicia. My great-grandfather's name was Joseph Feuer. He
arrived in this country sometime in the mid-1880s. He owned a company
in New York called Robbins Express. His father, David Feuer (along with
his wife, Chaje) arrived at Ellis Island in 1898. They stated they were
from Radomysl. I also had the Hebrew on my great-grandfather Joseph's
gravestone translated. It reads: Yosef son of David the Kohan. He is
buried at Mt. Hebron in NYC. His wife's name was Dora Grossman. I
cannot find where David and Chaje (Ida) are buried.

Any help would be greatly appreciated since I seem to have hit a brick

Anne Devora Beaudreau
Clifton, Virginia

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