Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Why won't Gesher Galicia search for the vital records of Dobromil from #galicia

Dennis Baer <dennis.baer@...>


I don't consider myself an expert on genealogy and I live here in the United
States. I do not live in Ukraine. Why do I have to hire a private researcher
that I cannot afford for vital records in Dobromil Galicia while others get
to order them for other towns inexpensively through JRI PL and AGAD.

Why can't Gesher Galicia find the vital records of Dobromil, Galicia,
Austria for the years 1800-1900?

Where have they gone? No one seems to have found them. Will Gesher Galicia
continue the search for them?

Thank you.

Dennis Baer
Bethpage, NY

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