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Re. Pamela Weisberger's Judische Familien In Galizien (Jewish Families in
Galicia), >from Manfred Daum who works with Galizien German Descendants...
I suspect many people will benefit >from the information Pamela provided with
this file and other work she has done on behalf of Gesher Galicia in
particular and JewishGen in general.

To thank Pamela and the many responders who help one another through this
forum, one should consider a contribution, large or small, to JewishGen
and/or Gesher Galicia.

Let's not dwell on the negatives - the endless messages re the "Lack of
Common Courtesy" but rather the positives - those wonderful Genners who do
respond and help one another, the thousands who benefit >from the
discussions, the education we get, the Region Special Interest Groups
(SIGS), the JewishGen-hosted Projects like JRI-Poland etc.

The best way I know to say "thank you" to anyone for anything is to make a
contribution to a worthy cause. I suggest a general contribution to
JewishGen, or a contribution to your favorite project, or honor a worthy
individual. JewishGen relies exclusively on our generosity to ensure their
continued growth. They count on our support.

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