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Alexander Sharon

Lancy Spalter wrote:

Thank you, Alexander, for this interesting account. With your permission,
though, I would like to point out that, to the best of my understanding,
although Radom, Lublin and Sandomierz were annexed to Austria during the
third partition, in the Vienna Congress they were integrated into the
Congress Poland Autonomy ruled by the Czar. They were part of Austria for
only 20 years, >from 1795 to 1815.
Thank you , Lancy for the comment.

This exactly what I had in mind when I wrote previously that Austria has
lost to Russia nearly all lands acquired in 1795:

It should be noted again, that there were territorial readjustment made
during 1815 Vienna Congress when Austria has lost to the victorious Russia
Zamosc region, parts of Wolyn and Podolia and nearly all lands acquired in
1795 with exception of the City of Krakow.
Nevetheless, those 20 years when Austria ruled over the parts of Podolia,
Wolynia, Lublin, Radom, Lublin and Prussia ruled over Warsaw, Bialystok,
Lomza and Suwalki had a significant influence on the Jewish people.

I will continue on the Poland Partitions subject in the next thread:
Germanic names

Alexander Sharo
Clagary, Alberta

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