Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Fw: galicia digest: June 09, 2005 #galicia

Tzilla Kratter <kratter@...>

Dear All,

Alan Weiser asked about the following names found in records of Kolomea :

Golder, Hanna Abrahimowna
Goafner, Edmund Abrahimowicz
Grin, Shulima Haimowicz

Abrahimowna,Abrahimowicz and Haimowicz are patronyms (father's name) and
mean here daughter of Abraham, son of Abraham and son of Haim.

Szulima is simply Sholem/Shulem and the suffix "a" is a grammatical ending
which we don't need to go into, I think.

Tzilla Kratter, Jerusalem

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