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Dear Genners and Siggers,
Following my reunion with my 2 first cousins Rudy
Rosner(b.1920 Berlin) and Reuven Orschutzer(b. 1925
Krakow) I continued my research and found out that our
grandfather Jacob Chiel Rosner(1866-1942) was born in
Dabrowa Tarnowska(pronounced Dombrowa).His parents
were Rubin and Malka. Rubin was apparently a Chasidic
I found in EIDB that a certain Judah Rosner(b.1880 in
Tarnow) came to the USA in 1920. He was accompanied by
his wife Gele and 4 children. The 2 youngest were
Malka(b.1911) and Rubin(b.1913). He declared that he
will stay with his father H.Rosner in NY who also paid
for the tickets.
There is indeed a Hirsch Rosner (b.1857 or 1862 in
Tarnow) who came to the USA in 1905 accompanied by his
daughter Esther who was 18 in 1905.
I suspect that Judah named his younger kids Malka and
Rubin after his grandparents who may be my
Does it ring a bell????
Jacob Rosen

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