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Alexander Sharon

Dorothy Harper wrote:

I have found my husband's grandfather's immigration manifest in 1898,
Ellis Island where he says he is >from Podhorndiszere, the closest I can
get is Podhordisz in Tarnapol? Lvov?

I tried googling the town and came upon yiskor and memorium data, however
I am at a loss as to the exact name of the town and if I can get other
information on this town. The surname Hochberg is on the list of
surnames, I just don't know how to continue with this.

Town original Polish name was Podhorodyszcze in Bobrka district, Lwow
Present town name Ukrainian has change slightly and it is known as
Podgorodishcheat 4942 2412, it is located just 6 miles NW >from Bobrka. Lwow
(Lviv) is located 12 miles NW >from Podgrodishche.

Please consult ShtetlSeeker to pinpoint the location:

You may learn a bit of information about the town (if you read Polish or
French) in 1929 Poland Business Directory.
The direct link to town listing page is at:

Town had (1821 census) 1,052 residents and amongst the were 186 Jewish
souls. Town main industry was flour milling and as you can see below it was
in the Jewish hands.

Those are town's Jewish names, extracted >from the Directory:

KOHANE - Tinsmith
CWERNIG - Haberdasher
FILINER - Tailor
ALTER - Flour mill
BAUM - Flour mill and grain merchant
FISCHER - Flour mill
HABER - Flour mill
OLKNER - Flour mill
RAPP - Tobaconist
SPARER - Tavern and liquor store

Podgorodishche Jewish community was physically destroyed in 1942 when all
Jewish residents have been locked in the nearby Bobrka ghetto.

Yiddishe folks in Bobrka region were known as Boiberkers.

Bobrka Yzkor Book
Please note that tere are Feige and Yitzhak Hochberg names and pictures are
shown in the Book and
nine Hochbergs names are listed in the town Necrology:

Hochberg Israel
Hochberg Lipchi
Hochberg Malka
Hochberg Moshe & Sheindl
Hochberg Pinchas
Hochberg Wolf
Hochberg Yaacov (Yankel)
Hochberg Zissle
Hochberg Zvi

Other links:

Bobrka Shtetlinks, Photos, town history are located at:

Best Regards,

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab Caada

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