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Brian J. Lenius <brian@...>


Regarding the name given as "Podhoridisz". Alexander Sharon and Susana
Bloch have both come up with the same correct place identification.
However, by checking the two posts carefully, one can see a plethora of
spellings were given. None of those spellings are the correct "current" or
Ukrainian variations of the place name. Of course one always wants the
correct spelling of things - whether it is a surname, given name, or a place
name. Also, by having the correct spelling one can find more references
normally missed with a non-standard spelling. It might be true that the
various spellings can all be found in one place or another (and in fact may
be given as "current" but they are not. The following are the proper
spellings in each language.

Polish - "Podhorodyszcze"
Alexander gave this correct Polish spelling.

"Current" or Ukrainian name - "Pidhorodyshche"
Incorrect Ukrainian variations in the posts included:
Podgorodishcheat, Podgrodishche, Podgorodishche,
and Podgorodyshche.

Russian - "Podgorodishche" or "Podgorodyshche"
These are the correct Russian spellings but were given as "Current"
spelling in the posts. In fact, they are not correct "current"
spellings, they are Russian spellings. Ukrainians today, especially
since the "orange revolution" and especially in the nationalistic area
of western Ukraine, very much want to leave their Soviet (Russian)
past behind them.

Here is my explanation of the variations between languages. To derive the
Ukrainian spelling, the Polish or Russian "g" is almost always (and in this
case it is) replaced by "h" and the "o" (as in "Pod") is replaced by an "i"
(as in "Pid"). In both Russian and Polish, the "o" remains as in "Pod".
The places given by me in this post are based on the Library of Congress
Transliteration System. They are official spellings rendered to our Latin
alphabet >from the Cyrillic alphabet.

The correct Ukrainian and Polish spellings can also be found in the
"Genealogical Gazetteer of Galicia." As well, as place names with correct
spellings, this gazetteer indicates the "official" Jewish Registration
District (for vital records) is given as Mikolajow. This is for the time
period 1896-1900 (based on official Austrian sources of the day). This may
also be correct for other years on either side, but that is uncertain
because these registration districts changed frequently as Alexander Sharon
has mentioned in earlier posts to this list. An exact search of Hochberg in
Mikolajow on JRI Poland yielded 4 more hits that were not in the
Hochberg/Bobrka search.

Kudos to Alexander Sharon and Susana Bloch for determining the correct
shtetl >from the badly mispelt place name given in the original post (often
the case with ship manifests) and also for all the supplementary information
that they provided - very impressive.

Brian J. Lenius
Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada

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