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Logan J. Kleinwaks

A large Polish gazetter of more than 2000 pages, "Skorowidz miejscowosci
Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej z oznaczeniem terytorjalnie im wlasciwych wladz i
urzedow oraz urzadzen komunikacyjnych," is now available on the Digital
Library of Wielkopolska's website According to the
Digital Library website, this gazetter might date >from 1933.

To view it, click on "Content" on the left, below "Publication," and follow
the instructions (if presented) to download the DjVu plugin, if you are a
Windows or Linux user. If you are a Macintosh OS X (or higher) user,
instead download the DjVu plugin from
atform=macx. Clicking on "Content" subsequently will present you with an
option to "Browse" the publication or will take you directly to it.
(Internet Explorer recommended; some problems reported with FireFox.)

If you are knowledgeable about gazetters and believe it would be beneficial
to create a database >from this one, please contact me privately.

Best regards,

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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