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Dear Genners and Siggers,

My name is Jacob Rosen >from Jerusalem. Researching my
maternal family KOENIGSBUCH >from Brzesko, Galicia (nowadays
Poland). Had amazing breakthroughs since I started >from scratch
about 3 years ago. The main discovery was that there were many
2nd and 3rd cousins of my grandfather who moved to Germany
between 1890-1915 about whom we had no idea. I managed to track
down many of them (most left to Palestine when Hitler came to power).

However,I still face a hard nut:one of those cousins,
Aron (Adolf) KOENIGSBUCH who moved to Hamburg had
2 sons Rolf Simon (b.1929) and Kurt Max (b.1931). Both
were on the Kindertransport and survived.

In the late 1940 both joined the British Army and in
the 1960s Rolf Simon lived in the USA in New Jersey
and Kurt Max who probably changed his name to Max
Harper lived in Toronto, Canada.

All my attempts through the Kindertransport
Association, Association of Jewish Refugees, Hamburg
State Archives and the Wiener Library brought me only
to the end of the 1960s. All were very cooperative and
disclosed what they have or know but to no avail. I am
still checking through the British Army which is very

I presume that both brothers are still around and
count on the new members of the lists who may have
bumped into one of them.

In Polish there is a popular saying that sometimes
even a blind chicken may find a seed... Who knows.

Jacob Rosen

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