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I have come across a book that will be of interest to genealogists
who are collecting general information on their ancestors' places of

_Yiddishland_ by Gerard Silvain, Henri Minczeles, Donna Wiemann
Ginkgo Press, Corte Madera, CA: published Oct. 1999
ISBN 1584230185
[there is also an earlier version published in French]

The book consists of reproductions of postcards, collected by one of
the authors, that depict Jewish life in Eastern Europe. The
photographs were predominantly taken by WWI German army photographers
who followed the troops eastward, documenting the war, including the
quaint locals in the invaded regions! One picture that was
particularly interesting to me was of a German army rabbi chaplain
conducting services for a crowd of Jewish soldiers, all wearing those
helmets with the spear point on top. Most of the pictures, though,
are of "eastern" Jews doing everyday things.

Table of contents:
The Street
Restaurants, Shops, Trades
Schools, Hospitals, Hospices, Cemetaries
Religion and Festivities
Culture and Politics
Anti-Semitism, Pogroms, Anti-Jewish Organizations
To the Four Corners of the World

Unfortunately there is no index, although many of the photos are
captioned with the name of a particular town. You just have to leaf
through the whole book to find pictures relevant to your interests.

The introduction claims that the concept of the postcard was invented
by a Jew!


Ruth Wielgosz
Washington, DC

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