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Israel P


Rozdol records go through 1901. They get released in bunches so I
expected they would have been among the Forty or so towns that came out
last summer (2004), but I was disappointed. I expect they'll be in the
next batch, whenever that is.

Tell more about your family. We may have some overlapping interests.

Israel Pickholtz

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I am indebted to readers of this site who answered my posting seeking
information about my grandfatherâ„¢s town in Galicia and guided me to the
index of records for JRI-Poland. Even without the source documents, the
index itself has proved to be a treasure trove of information about the
history of my family and enabled me to identify family members who lived
in a nearby town, and who preceded by grandfather to New York. An
examination of the birth records >from the Rozdol administrative
sub-district of Stanislawow for 1869 to1900 allowed me to identify by name
2 brothers and 3 sisters of my grandfather. My grandfather said that he
had 6 sisters and the notations on the reverse of photographs he received
from Galicia confirm that. Three sisters must have been born after 1900.
QUESTION: Are there more birth records for the period after 1900 for
Rozdol? Are they accessible?

Alexandria, Virginia, USA

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