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Alexander Sharon

Israel Pickholtz wrote

Rozdol records go through 1901. They get released in bunches so I
expected they would have been among the Forty or so towns that came out
last summer (2004), but I was disappointed. I expect they'll be in the
next batch, whenever that is.


Rozdol (Zydaczow district) records are probably the most completed >from the
all available Eastern Galicia records that are located in both Warsaw
Archives (USC and AGAD)

It is my understanding that only completed books that contain 100+ years
records are transfered to the AGAD archives. When record books are mixed
(containg some records less than 100 years old, those will be not

1. Marriage records 1903 -1938 are located in Warsaw Registry (USC), not in
AGAD, and will not be automatically transfered to AGAd and therefore will
not be indexed.
2. Birth records books 1869-1900 are located in AGAD and those ones have
been already released.
3. Birth records books 1892-1924 are located in the Warsaw Registry and will
not be released
4. Death records books 1877-1898 are located in AGAD and those ones have
been released
5. Death records books 1884-1942 are located in Warsaw Registry (USC) and
will not be released.

As it is evident >from the above summary, only Rozdol birth records for years
1869-1900 and death records for years 1877-1898 have been already forwarded
to AGAD archives and they have been already indexed.

But the rest of the documents will be most probably not transfered to AGAD
archives and not indexed.

There are appears to be no procedure that allows the separation of the old
and new records that are stored in Warsaw USC archives.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab., Canada

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