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I first want to thank all who responded to my question about birth
registration in the name of the mother, or even the failure to
register a birth. I received many informative and highly interesting
responses that are quite enlightening about the time in which our
ancestors lived, how alienated they felt >from surrounding society and
the eternal importance of family.

I wanted to pass along a curious anecdote about my grandfather Juda
KUBERT's family >from Jezierzany. My grandfather's oldest son, my
father's oldest brother, told me that the midwife who delivered him
and his three younger brothers (all boys in the family) was the same
woman who attended the five births of my grandfather and his four
siblings in Jezierzany and Skala. All four of his children were born
while they lived at two of different addresses on Rivington St. on
the Lower-East Side of New York. Her name was Rebecca Rosenstock and
she lived on Houston St. I have not yet taken time to search for her
immigration record, but plan to do so.

Gabe Kingsley
Hayward, CA

Wasylkowce: ROSENHAUCH

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