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Mark Halpern

Dear Pnina:

The JRI-Poland Town Index -- an index of towns where Jewish vital
records exist in LDS microfilms and/or at branches of the Polish State
Archives -- can be found at
This page is a large page and may take a while to open, especially with
a dial-up connection.

Jewish vital records for Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, also just known as
Kalwarya, have not survived, which explains why this town is not on the
JRI-Poland list. Miriam Weiner has provided the best resource to find
out if records for your Galician town have survived and where they can
be found. Her Routes to Roots Foundation website is found at and then click "Archive Database."

The JRI-Poland database does have indices of records >from Krakow, which
can be searched at by clicking "search database."

I wish you success in your search.

Mark Halpern

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Very Dear Galizianers

I opened jri-Poland org and found the list of the towns, but could not
open it.

I am interested in the lists of Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, where >from my
mother Ester Koral went to Palestine at March or April 1934, and in the lists
of Krakow where >from my father Moshe Hersh Mandelboim came to Palestine
at April 1934.

Pnina Meislish, Jerusalem
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