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Ganot <o_ganot@...>

Dear All,

I have posted at the ViewMate the Marriage Certificate of my grandparents,
written in German.
My grandparents got married in 1911 in or near Skole, East Galicia
(presently west Ukraine).

The Marriage Certificate is comprised of three separate parts:

Top of the front side:

Bottom of the front side:

Rear side:

After their marriage my grandparents settled in Berlin, and in 1935 they
made Aliyah.
The text and stamps at the rear side of the document were added only in 1925
in Berlin.
The purpose of this later addition is not clear to me. Explanation will be

In case the present resolution is not sufficient, higher resolution file of
the document is available.

Please respond privately.

Any help in translation and explanation will be highly appreciated.

Shabbat shalom,

Researching: SPIEGEL, LUSTIG - DOLINA and SKOLE area, East Galicia

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