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dennis gries

Alan and others: Re:

"Subject: Re: is there additional information in photocopies of Tarnow

I've just learned of two records in the PSA for the town of Tarnow. <snip>

I could order photocopies of the original records through JRI -Poland, but
once before I tried ordering photocopies of a bunch of records, and they
came with absolutely no additional information. Just exactly the same stuff
that I'd gotten on line
- but harder to read. They went straight into the waste basket.

Have any of you ever ordered photocopies of Tarnow records like these?

Did they have any additional information beyond what was on line?

If the original record had parents' names, wouldn't that have been included
with the index information?"


Yes, and I am emailing Alan with one of the .jpg files that I posted onto
Viewmate a few months ago. Long story short: He will get the parents of
both the father and the mother, the witnesses, if a boy - not the case in
his request - the mohel, and additional notes. At least that is what I
received for two birth records for 1881 and 1884.

Best to all

Dennis Gries
Sarasota FL

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