Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Re: is there additional information in photocopies of Tarnow records? #galicia

Richard Cooper <ricooper@...>

Just to add my two penn'orth:

I ordered the death certificate of my great-great-grandfather
Mojziesz Eizik LETZTER who died in Tarnow in 1891 aged 65.
In a beautifully legible hand was written that he was born in
Kolbuszowa, the son of Leizer and Ester Hena LETZTER:
three genealogical gems hitherto unknown to me!
Maybe I've just been lucky: what I would say is that basic common
sense tells us that the further removed >from the original
the transcript, the more scope there is for errors.

With respect, may I suggest that Alan Wasser's comment:
<<They went straight into the waste basket.>>
is not an approach to be copied.

So don't be put off by a bad experience: order those
photocopies of unique original documents!
Kol ha-koved to all our many colleagues who have worked so hard
to make these records available to us!

Richard Cooper
Gosport, UK
Poland/Galicia/Ukraine SIG Co-ordinator
LEZTER, RINENBERG & SALENDER >from Rzeszow & Kolbuszowa
MILLET & ENGELBERG >from Dabrowa Tarnowska, Zablocie & Lezajsk
ADLER & FINKELSTEIN >from Tarnopol
LEWINSTEIN >from Berdichev

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