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Dear Genners,

I've received a bunch of birth, marriage and death records of my Kolomea
family (thanks to the JRI-PL team). Deciphering the documents is not easy,
as they are written in Polish and German, the registrars' cursive
handwriting sometimes is almost illegible and some of the copies are of poor
quality. The records date >from the 1880's and 1890's.

I'd appreciate getting some help on the following questions:

1.) Marriage records:
a. Rabbi Jacob Thumim, who performed the marriages (column 5 in the
records), was referred to as "rabin szkolnik". What does "szkolnik" mean? A
"melamed" (teacher)?
b. In the marriage records of my g.g.g.parents, Meir LEDERFEIND
(1825-1898) and Feige BRENNER (1834-1899), I found the home town of Feige's
family: (Upper) Majdana or Majdnie. Does anyone know this town?

2.) Birth records:
a. In the last column of the record ("Comments") is a statement that
could mean something like: "I, father's name, declare this child to be
mine." Is it right?

3.) Addresses:
a. In the records no street names are mentioned. Kolomea was a
fairly large town. Could it be that towards the end of the 19th century
there were no street names?
b. Instead of street names there were house numbers, e.g., 364 1/4.
I figure out that 1/4 means 1st flat of 4 flats in that house. Is it so?

4.) EIFERMAN >from Jerusalem, Palestine:
a. In the birth record of my g.mother, Taube PALKER (born 1881) is
written, that her mother's parents are Chaim and Rifka EIFERMAN >from
Jerusalem. Other records mention they were >from Palestine. Does this make
sense? How do you explain this?

Thank you for your help and your patience,

Elisha Amidan
Yokneam Village, Israel

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