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Dear Jacob,

The meanings and origins of the names you listed are as follows:
Koenigsbuch-German for King's book, an artificial name artfully created.
Found in Krakow, Brezsko and Lwow. Beider, (2004).

Lamensdorf-Also an artificial name artfully createwd >from the base
Lemonedorf meaning lemon + village. Found in Zywiec, Wieliczka, Krakow, Bochnia,
Tarnow, Dabrowa, Drohobycz, Stanisalow. Beider, (2004).

Landesdorfer-Also an artificial name artfully created, again German meaning
land village >from the root Landesdorf. Usually, the er ending means someone
from somewhere, for example Bamberger is someone >from Bamberg etc. In this
instance unfortunately, it doesn't make much sense. Found in Biala, Wieliczka,
Krakow. Beider, (2004).

None of the three names appear in any other of my reference works with the
exception of Beider's Jewish Surnames of Galicia. Jews resisted adopting
hereditary surnames for a lot of reasons including having no need for them. As a
result, in 1787, Emperor Joseph II of Austria-Hungary passed an edict
requiring Jews who did not have hereditary surnames to adopt them, placing some
severe restrictions on where they could come >from and giving clerks in each
village a limited time frame to get the work done. As a result, according to
Beider, as many as 30-35% of Jewish surnames were assigned and were either made up
by the clerk or assigned off a limited list the clerks had.

For further information, you can look at the website I maintain for the
Kolomea Interest Group.

Saul Zeichner

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