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Denise Azbill <famaz1@...>

I'm sorry. I should have been a lot more specific. I definitely know that
my grandmother's maiden name was "Schachter/Zwirnbaum", BUT, the AGAD record
says her maiden name was "Weidenfeld". My grandfather's name, her husband,
was Elias Weidenfeld. I really should just send for the record, but I hate
to spend the money if I don't need to. :~)

Here are some more details: She lived in Skala and her father was the
schoichet in Skala >from about 1885 to his death in about 1905. Now, my
grandfather worked in Skala >from 1901 to 1902 for the Skala post office.

The record I found was for the birth of "Fani Weidenfeld", born in 1901 to a
Frieda Weidenfeld. Frieda was my grandmother's first name. Fani is the
name on the Ellis Island manifest for my aunt, who came here with her mother
and brother in 1912.

Everyone in the family, and my aunt herself, said she was born in 1907, but
I have a photograph which I discovered was taken later than I assumed, and
my aunt was older than I thought, in the photo. Which makes me think this
is more than a coincidence, and that my aunt *was* born in 1901. Hope I am
making sense here.

The signature is 2335, and the ACT number is 209, birth record for 1901,
Stanislawow AGAD records.

My grandfather was >from a tiny shtetl called "Jezupol" (now called Zhovten),
which was very near Stanislawow (Ivano-Frankivsk). The town listed in the
AGAD record for both mother and child is "Pasieczana", which is 37 miles NNE
of Ivano-Frankivsk.

I was very excited to see this record until I realized that the maiden name
was wrong. I really appreciate all the replies I have received! More info
will make it easier for you to give me your opinion, I'm sure.

Thank you, everyone, who replied to my post!

Denise (Weidenfeld) Azbill
Las Vegas, NV

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