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For ongoing research I am looking for any and all information about Eydele,
the daughter of Rebbe Shalom of Belz and wife of Rabbi Isaac Rubin, who
lived in Brody. According to various accounts, she acted as a Hasidic
rebbe and was known for her wisdom and miracles; resented her brother,
Joshua of Belz, who succeeded her father as Belzer Rebbe (although a
daughter of hers married a son of his); and was possessed by a dybbuk which
her brother exorcised.

I am aware of the chapter on her in Dov Sadan's memoirs, Yoram Bilu's
article about her based on Sadan's account, a story in the Hasidic tale
collection Dover Shalom, Yitzhak Buxbaum's retelling of this story in
_Jewish Holy Women_, and some scattered references in other Hasidic sources.

I would be grateful for any references to other literary sources, and
especially for any oral traditions about her or information on her descendants.

With thanks,

Justin Jaron Lewis

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