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Jacqueline Pollak <jacqueline.pollak@...>

Dear Denise,
Everything is useful.
It is just a legend, I think a fairy tale that the parents told to their
children. I always tought the reality had been beautified. And then your
case is very interesting
I found a Benjamin Chaim Treitler who directed a very popular vagabond
troupe of yiddisch theater. He was born in Stanislawow in 1953 and performed
a lot in Galicia and then in other countries of Central Europe, in London
and in New York. He had been the pupil of an excellent hazan.
But my family dreams that I find something more extraordinary.
I'll try the United State Holocaust Memorial Museum. And an other genner
just sent me the adress of the museum of the State Opera in Vienna.
Jacqueline Pollak

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