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Dear Genners and Siggers,
In 2003 I became aware that my late grandfather Ascher
KOENIGSBUCH >from Brzesko(Galicia) and Krakow had a 2nd
or 3rd cousin in Hamburg whose name was Aron/Adolf
KOENIGSBUCH. At a later stage I learned that he had 2
sons who were on the Kindertransport.
With the help of the Association of Jewish Refugees in
London I managed to get their given names,birth
dates,dates of arrival to the UK and last address in
Birmingham in 1948.Due to privacy concerns they could
not disclose more though they indicated that in any
case they would not have much more than that.
The PRO provided some details about their
naturalization and Military Service and the State
Archive in Hamburg managed to track them down until
1962 in Toronto and New Jersey,including an indication
about a name change.However the 2 brothers were not
members of the Kindertransport Association and did not
participate in the 2 reunions in 1989 and 1999.
I knocked on every possible door during the last 3
years,left messages on every posible list and SIG, in
Rootsweb and others,but in vain. They left no trace.
Until last week!!I was in Doha,Qatar out of all places
where I got an email >from a young student in
Ontario,Canada. Her mother went on the Web and saw
that I am looking for them.
One of the brothers passed away a few years ago. The
other one is at the moment,for the first time since
1939, on a visit to Hamburg!!!
I am waiting for his return to close the cycle.
The moral-DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!
Now I am going to write a book about the KOENIGSBUCH
And MANY MANY thanks to all of you fellow Siggers and
Genners who were on my side when I went for the hunt
to discover the remnants of the KOENIGSBUCH clan.
Jacob Rosen

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