Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia RE: Widowers with young children in Galicia #galicia

Judy Keiner <J.C.Keiner@...>

I don't have statistics, but >from my family history research on the birth,
marriage and death summaries of Kanczuga, Galicia between 1851-1094, this
was very common. Very few women in that shtetl lived into their sixties or
beyond. There are many deaths recorded of women aged 20-50. The most common
ages of death are between 30 and 50. The child mortality rate was also
phenomenal. In my own family tree there are examples of widows with children
marrying widowers with young children, often within a year of the

Judy Keiner

Has anyone ever seen any statistics on how often in the mid-late 1800's
women died leaving a husband and young children? I inquire more
specifically about Jewish families in Galicia.

Israel Pickholtz

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