1793 census #austria-czech

Tony Hausner

For those who are new to this listserv like myself, I appreciate that others know about about the 1793
publication. Rather than having to search through all the emails that Celia suggests, perhaps someone
could post on the sig web site as well as include in an email to this list, more information about the
publication. What is in it, where to find, etc. I would love to see an index of the towns that are included.
what is the possibility of making the entire document available to all. while I recognize that is not a simple
task, it is doable. steve morse or logan kleinwaks may be able to help in this regard.

Tony Hausner
Hausner: Skala,
Chortkiv, Borschov, Mielnitsa, Kalush,
Galicia; Austria, Moravia
Heiman, Wechsler, Zimmerman: Galicia, Romania
Eckstein: Czech

primary email address; thausner@gmail.com

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